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Mather Steven R. (Mather Law Corporation)

Steve Mather’s firm, Mather Law Corporation, is a partner in Mather Kuwada LLP. Mather practices in the firm’s Beverly Hills and Orange County offices. He handles all manner of civil and criminal tax controversies with the federal and state tax agencies.

Mather began his career with the IRS Counsel offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Since 1987, he has represented individual and entity taxpayers in a variety of tax disputes. He has had dozens of reported decisions in the United States Tax Court and has litigated extensively in the federal district courts, the California superior courts, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He has also been the co-director of the Tax Court Pro Se Program sponsored by the Los Angeles County Bar Association since 1989.

Mather writes and speaks frequently. He is co-author of the BNA Tax Management Portfolios on federal tax collection entitled Federal Tax Collection Procedure – Liens, Levies, Suits and Third-Party Liability (Portfolio 637) and Federal Tax Collection Procedure – Defensive Measures (Portfolio 638). He is also author of the BNA Tax Management Portfolio, Audit Procedures for Pass-Through Entities (Portfolio 624). He received his bachelor’s degree in accounting, with highest distinction, and his juris doctor, with distinction, from the University of Iowa.