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Fowler Mark H
Bio: Mark H. Fowler specializes in guiding companies from challenge to achievement and has assisted more than 150 companies in major corporate reengineering projects. His areas of expertise include: growth management and enhancement, strategic planning and implementation, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, operational efficiency and incentive compensation structures and implementation. Mark is a member of AICPA and California CPA Society. He was Director of the California CPA Society, 1986 to 1988, Chair for State Management Consulting Services Committee, California CPA Society, 2004 to 2006, Committee member for 2008 Succession Planning Conference, California CPA Education Foundation and has held other important positions within the CPA Education Foundation. Mr. Fowler has written numerous articles in the California CPA Magazine and recently co-authored Revolutionary Conversations which has already won awards. He has also created 25 courses and presented over 100 different speeches to professional organizations. His topics include corporate expansion, crisis management, marketing strategies, effective communication and management consulting.