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Event Information

Living Trust Administration Workshop Webcast | 4201274D STARTS AT 6:30 AM PDT
Date: August 24, 2020
Event Start time: 6:30 AM   End time: 2:00 PM
Location: Webcast

Facility: Webcast Rebroadcast


Member:       $289
Nonmember: $389

CPE Credits:

8.00 CPE: Continuing Professional Education Technical
8.00 CTEC-TX: CTEC - Federal Tax Law Hours Technical
8.00 IRS-TX: IRS Federal Tax Update Technical
6.50 MCLE LS-EP: Legal Specialization-Estate Planning Technical
6.50 MCLE: MCLE Technical

Gain hands-on knowledge while focusing on the trust administration process on the death of the single settlor and the first spouse in a joint settlor trust.

In today's estate tax environment, the answers to core questions concerning whether to file an estate tax return, make a portability election or make a QTIP election may surprise you. Learn what clauses to look for in the trust; when and how to make portability and QTIP elections; when to use the "Delaware Tax Trap" in lieu of QTIP election; how to educate the client concerning trust administration; and how to deal with assets outside the trust. Using checklists and forms, understand how to create a practical system for administering the living trust after a death.

Formerly titled: Practical Workshop on Trust Administration of the Living Trust.


  • Determine how to develop a systematic approach to trust administration.
  • Identify portability and QTIP elections and when to file an estate tax return.
  • Identify how to administer a single-person trust and how to administer a two-person trust on the first death.
  • Recognize key provisions in the trust instrument.
  • Determine income and estate tax issues associated with administration.
  • Recognize the effect of estate tax law on administration.
  • Determine when to file a 706 at First Death for Portability and/or QTIP election, or to hold filing the 706 and when to prepare even when not filing.

Major Subjects:
  • Delaware Tax Trap for step-up in basis
  • Preparation of trust accountings
  • Estate tax return requirements and opportunities
  • Tax issues related to funding
  • Use of the administrative trust
  • Dealing with "stale" trusts
  • Disclaimers in post-mortem planning
  • Trust memoranda and allocation agreements
  • Trust administration of Medi-Cal, QPRT, GRAT and IDGTs
  • Administrating other types of trusts

Level of Difficulty:

Field of Interest:


General knowledge of income, estate and gift taxes.

Designed For:

CPAs, attorneys and trust and estate planners.

Advanced Prep:


Event Notes:
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