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Event Information

FSS Forensic Services Section Meeting | SFS60820
Date: August 14, 2020
Event Start time: 10:00 AM   End time: 1:10 PM
Location: TBD
Facility: Virtual Meeting


CPE Credits:

1.50 CPE: Continuing Professional Education Non-Technical

Join us for as esteemed speaker Darrell Dorrell, CPA/ABV, ASA, CVA, CMA, principal with Financial Forensics, presents two exciting sessions.
Session 1: Forensic Lexicology - How to Quantify Words - 1.5 CPE
After this session you will never observe, talk with, or listen to anyone the same way.  Likewise, you will never read financial (or other) information in the same way.   You will learn how spoken and written words permit you to assess veracity – financial or otherwise.
Participants will leave the session armed with specific tools and techniques immediately applicable to their assignments. Forensic lexicology is the study of words and vocabulary and how they are used.  The techniques exploit humans’ natural tendency to speak and write reflecting one’s “linguistic fingerprint”.  The techniques analyze virtually any spoken and/or written discourse including financial statement notes, interviews, emails, depositions, reports, and patterns that assess veracity, authorship, consistency and other attributes and are deployed in civil, criminal and counterterrorism matters.
Session 2: Foundational Behavior Detection - 1.5 CPE
Behavior Detection is a technique developed by the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) that allows trained professionals to detect people with harmful intentions, such as carrying out a terrorist attack. The techniques are applicable to virtually any forensic assignment involving people. Consequently, forensic operators must gain familiarity with the pertinent tools and techniques.

Behavior detection is deployed through a technique known as CICO (Concentric In-Concentric Out). Simply stated, CICO recognizes that behavior detection comprises anything and everything that might represent a cause or effect of a subject’s behavior. The Concentric-In component starts conceptually with a very wide circle encompassing the subject company’s and parties’ business footprint and progressively becomes focused on the site.