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Event Information

From Financial Expert to Strategic Business Leader: Leader Evolution | 4204500A
Date: August 26, 2020
Event Start time: 9:00 AM   End time: 11:00 AM
Location: Webcast

Facility: Webcast Event


Member:       $75
Nonmember: $101

CPE Credits:

2.00 CPE: Continuing Professional Education Technical

Most individuals who move into leadership positions experience the modern day version of trial by ordeal -it’s sink or swim. To reduce the learning curve and create a more effective process, this course will offer a pragmatic approach for self-motivated individuals to take control of their professional development by giving them the concepts, tools, techniques, and assignments to develop their leadership effectiveness where it counts the most -on the job.
* Identify four stages that expand personal competencies
* Identify the critical skills and behaviors need to operate at a higher, more strategic level

Major Subjects:
* On-the-job application * How to enhance technical expertise and personal competence * Critical skills and behaviors required to operate at a higher, more strategic level

Level of Difficulty:

Field of Interest:
Personal Development


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